We also own Spruce Point Lodge so, of course, we refer all our guests there. You may think we’re biased but we think the place will sell itself.

The lodge is a hybrid bed and breakfast which means that you have your own self-contained room with cable TV and telephone and a private entrance onto a deck overlooking the water. Breakfast is delivered to your room on a tray and you can either eat on the deck and watch the ocean front display or eat in the privacy of your room.

At various times of year you see fish jumping, seals, sea birds, lots of eagles and the ever-changing sky with its spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The decor is Scandinavian and the furniture is made of local pine. Some rooms come with cooking facilities and they are all clean, clean , clean!

Single Occupancy: $75.00 Double Occupancy:$85.00
Kitchenette: Additional $10.00 Suite: $110.00

Call us direct at Spruce Point Lodge: 

 1 ( 250 ) 559 – 8234

Need More Information?

CALL 1-800-668-4288 or E-MAIL
We have detailed information packages on all our trips which we would be happy to mail or fax to you. As well, we have knowledgeable office staff standing by to answer your questions, help you with travel arrangements and assist you in preparing your trip.

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