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We travel aboard comfortable, enclosed,  power boats . Daily distances between anchorage’s are not great to allow you abundant time to walk the shoreline and forest, soak in hotsprings, observe the marine and wildlife and visit abandoned Haida village sites with their standing totems and longhouse remains. At night we camp ashore in some of the most spectacular and secluded sites in the world. Long days of sunlight, campfires on the beach, sleeping in the silence and comfort of truly pristine forests. In the company of our guide-interpreters you will experience a rich and diverse educational experience as well as an incredible seagoing adventure.

B1, Totems at Skedans Village (1 Day)   

This all day trip by ferry, bus, logging road and boat takes you to the abandoned village site of Skedans. Here was Koona, a south-facing winter village which, in the 1830’s harbored 27 houses, 56 carved monuments and 471 people. Today our Haida Watchman guide leads us through another world. Cracked and bleached faces stare sternly from tilting poles. On the ground, faces stare skyward, fallen and moss covered but still emanating strength and beauty.

2005 Departure Dates: As Booked
$140.00 Does not include Parks Fee of $10 or GST

B1H, Hotsprings Day Tour ( 1 Day)

This all day trip by ferry, bus, logging road and boat takes you to the hot pools and tubs of Hotsprings Island. Luxurious soaks in the pools-magnificent views across Juan Perez Sound.

2005 Departure Dates: As Booked
$160.00 Does not include Parks Fee of $10 or GST

B2 Hotsprings Plus,  (2 Days)

This two-day boat/camping tour takes us to Hotsprings Island for a soak in the luxurious rock hot pools, and to the moss festooned longhouse remains at Tanu. One night of camping at the edge of the forest and a seafood barbecue on the  each. With lots of opportunity to view wildlife and marine life, this samples is a great introduction to some of the best Gwaii Haanas has to offer.

2005 Departure Dates: June 26, July  5, Aug 8, 14, 30, Sept 6.

Price: $455  Does not include Parks Fee of $10 or GST                                  


B4, Totems of SKaang Gwaii (4 Days)

This exploration focuses on the rugged and remote southern half of the Park /Reserve. The highlight and focal point of our tour is the UNESCO Heritage Site, of SGaang Gwaii (Ninstints). This site houses the largest collection of standing totem poles in their original location in North America and is now carefully protected by the Haida. The waters are rich in wildlife- you will see seals, sea lions, seabirds and if you’re fortunate, whales and dolphins. Add to this exploring the rich and colorful inter-tidal zones of Burnaby Narrows and the luxurious rock hot pools of Hotsprings island and you’ll have an outstanding holiday in the richness of these wonderful islands.

2005 Departure Dates: June 14, 28. July  8, 13 ,18, 23, 28. Aug 3,10, 16, 21, 26. Sept 1, 4, 8..

Minimum 8-Maximum 10-Price: $986.00

B4 Totems of SGaang Gwaii Plus (4 Days)

Try our 4 Day boat tour as above with 2 nights at Rose Harbour at the Gwaii Haanas Guest House and one night of camping near Hotsprings. Hot showers and sit down meals combined with the luxury of camping with hot pools. Decadent!

2005 Departure Dates: June 21, Aug 8 and as booked for groups of 8-10. 

Minimum 8-Maximum 10 ..Price $1350


Call us for a price for your group

Boat Tour prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, price is per person, does not include GST or Parks User Fee, minimum 6, maximum 10 people.

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