Guided Kayak Tours 2003…

Guided Kayak Tours 2003...

Sea Kayaking the Charlottes.
Drift over the abundant marine life of the shallows, glide into secluded and pristine beaches that saw the giant war canoes, explore the abandoned Villages of the seagoing Haida where superbly carved totems stand testament to the artistry of their highly developed culture. Challenge the sea and its many moods. Camp in some of the most scenic and spectacular sites in the world. Barbecue a fish on the beach and sleep in the moss carpeted forest. Experience close encounters with marine and wildlife that only the silence of the kayak allows. Our experienced guides and modern equipment allow the novice paddle to experience the wonders of sea kayaking in a spectacular and ever changing environment.

K1, Skidegate Inlet Day Paddle

A guided/instructional paddle through the ever changing panorama of the inlet. Seabirds, seals, otters, porpoises and salmon jumping. And… if weather and physical capabilities allow, a visit to the abandoned Haida Village site at Withered Point.

Departure Dates: As booked
Minimum 4, Maximum 10
Price: $125.00

K2 Idyllic Inlet Getaway

A two day, one night, paddle of the spectacular inlets and bays that lie close to Queen Charlotte City.  Islands hop as you experience the wilderness close to town. Wildlife, marine life, magnificent scenery in an area that is rich in cultural history. The perfect trip for those who are short of time or who just want to try a short kayaking trip that will allow you to fall in love with the sport.

2003 Departure Dates: June 10,16. July 5, Sept 4.                                              K2 Price:  $340                             

K3:  June 9, 15. July 4. Sept 3.
Minimum 4, Maximum 10
Price K3: $495

K4, Waters of North Moresby Tour (4 Day) Custom Tour

A boat drop-off at Skedans Village site sets us off on a spectacular and less paddled North Moresby kayak odyssey that includes Skedans Bay, Laskeek Bay, and Vertical Point. A leisurely paddle of this magnificent coast line reveals sea caves, rock faces with their tapestries of sea stars and encounters with marine life that only the kayak allows. Our focus is instructional as our trained guides lead you on an adventure that will teach you kayaking, navigation and no trace camping skills.

2003 Departure Dates:  as booked
Minimum 8, Maximum 10
Price: $786

K5, Path of the West Coast Haida (5 Days)

Panoramic Skidegate Inlet, the challenging Skidegate Narrows, abandoned Chaatl Village and its magnificent standing poles and spectacular setting, the rugged west coast. Here we encounter pelagic visitors, bonsai forests, and a wild and buffeted coastline that is a beachcombers paradise. Lots of time to explore and hone your skills.

2003 Departure Dates: June 5,14,24. July 7,14. Aug 19. Sept 2,8.
Minimum 8, Maximum 10
Price: $808

K6, SGaang Gwaii Kayak Tour (6 Days)

This trip features the remote and rugged southern part of the Island. Our ultimate destination is the World Heritage site at SGaang Gwaii (Ninstints) which houses the largest original stand of totems in North America. The southern coastline offers a wondrous diversity of land and seascapes ranging from wind-swept fore shore with basalt cliffs to secluded bays and sandy coves. Sea bird nesting colony islands perch at the edge of the open Pacific; dolphins, seals, sea lions and occasionally whales also take advantage of the rich feed source of the tidal upwelling of this area.

2003 Departure Dates: July 19,24,29. Aug 3,8,13.
Minimum 6, Maximum 10
Price: $1392 

K8, Hotsprings to Cumshewa Inlet (8 Days)

This tour features many of the aspects for which the Islands are renowned-luxuriant hotsprings, the tall trees of Windy Bay, the standing poles and longhouse remains of the Haida villages of Tanu and Skedans, seldom visited Cumshewa Village, the abandoned logging camp at Aero and wildlife, marine life and bird colonies enough to satisfy the most ardent observer. Superb campsites on secluded beaches, fresh fish cooked over the campfire, walking in the moss carpeted rain forests, long lingering soaks in the rocky hot pools at Hotsprings Island and simply taking in the majestic beauty and wilderness of Gwaii Haanas. Join us for the trip that may change your life.

2003 Departure Dates: On Demand
Minimum 6, Maximum 10
Price: $1705

K9, SGaang Gwaii to Hotsprings (9 Days)

It’s hard to match this trip for natural history, adventure, culture and the Haida sites which always remain a spirited memory. Our tour starts at SGaang Gwaii with its powerful totem poles that bear silent witness to the rich Haida artistic heritage and highly developed culture. The waters are teaming with marine, animal and bird life. The coastline is dynamic and varied, rugged cliffs give way to fine sand beaches and shallows scattered with brightly colored intertidal life. Burnaby Narrows at low tide, long relaxing soaks in the hotsprings, moss carpeted rainforests, beach camps in calm bays used for millennia by Haida paddlers in their magnificent open canoes. Truly a trip of a lifetime.

2003 Departure Dates: July 11, Aug 18.
Minimum 8, Maximum 10
Price: $2094 

Kayak Tour prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, price is per person, does not include GST, or Parks User fee of $10/night spent in the Park Reserve— Minimum 8-Maximum 10 people.

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